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Dec 25, 2012
Feb 6, 2011
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Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 27)
B.C. Canada
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El Presidente, Male, 27, from B.C. Canada

I can confirm this. I couldn't be more excited :)... Now we wait for Link's post about autism. Jul 14, 2012

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Dec 25, 2012
    1. Big Dick Willie
      You complain and BITCH about everything that's going wrong. Your also constantly confused about what to do anymore based on your actions. I REALLY GOT TO GIVE YOU A STRONG DICK SLAP ACROSS THE FACE TO WAKE YOU THE FUCK UP AND GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER.
    2. Big Dick Willie
      Seriously, in the present right now you do nothing. All you have become is just a LAZY FUCK. You have no more motivation to Lets Play games and your commentary is beyond SHIT. In your life you have made MANY BAD CHOICES. This includes constant drinking and having a risky job to be possibly killed.
    3. Big Dick Willie
      Hi Spencer, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THIS is my birthday present for you (Check the awesome link). Also, I want to give you 27 BIG FUCK YOUS for how you act today like a total SCUMBAG. Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
    4. Aleksandr Vasilevsky
      So I know your life is getting very hectic at the moment but will you come back on YouTube to post more content? I really miss them. If you can please respond to me and your fans on what your future plan will be. I look forward to that and I hope to see you soon. Until then I will see you later Spencer.
    5. Aleksandr Vasilevsky
      Hi Spencer, I want to wish you a happy birthday today. You've been one of the most interesting and influential person I have ever found in my life. I thank you very much for that because most people on the internet are not as interesting as you.
    6. Aleem Tariq
      Stalin, I think it would be best if you bring back posting abilities. This forum was lively and offered an air of intellectualism. I mean, white knighting and removing posting ability following that is not preferable and does not bring this forum any good.
    7. TruckThunders
      I am still playing world of tanks as part of the NKVD clan. If the clan for that game is dead please kick me off the roster (I do not know how to leave it from my end), otherwise please let me know when people are actually playing as I never find any comrades. If I do get off the clan and world of tanks does make a resurgence I will be the first to volunteer to return!

      Keep Trucking
    8. japanese emperor 28
      Hey, i just bought civilization 5 yesterday and ill click on it to play and a black screen pops up for a second and then diappears.........Any suggestions will help!
    9. Jan Neele
      I wanted to let you know that kerberos gave the all clear on SotS2. I played for 150+ turns now and no crashes
      Sorry if you already knew about this but i really would like to see a SotS2 lets play.
      I really like the X-Com lets play btw keep up the good work
    10. core10117
      vazeetye Presidente comrade, new member of the website but have been watching some of your lets plays for awhile. can not wait for part 15 of lets play xcom enemy unknown.
    11. Loloped
    12. xXxLKxXx
      Can you lift all the old forum content from the site and put it in a separate, locked archive so we can view it? Like with the People's Assembly?
    13. KYNHCN
      We Hath it on good authority that The new Game of Thrones book will be released in febuary next year dear presidente, Thy Shall send thou a copy if We Find it first!
    14. Panzer
      I know you have a million Lets play ideas, especially with the volume of great games that are being released, but I would like to plead with you Stalin, to do a Let's Play of one of the greatest RTS games in history Earth 2150. Not the sub par sequel Earth 2160, just Earth 2150 ( From a Russian, to a fellow comrad, please, take a look at this game, it really is great.
    15. zazoo34
      Mighty Stalin, you should have a look at Dishonored. I'm pretty sure that would do a good LP, the game's brilliant..!
      1. KYNHCN likes this.
      2. KYNHCN
        Thou agree's
        Oct 19, 2012
    16. SunBoxi123
      hi, enjoyed ur XCOM lets play a lot :D
      something i found out, watch out for sectoid commanders, they can mind control to your soldiers, like the guy in the first mission that looks like a zombie, and its permenant, the only way to deal with ur mind controlled friends is to kill or stun them, not even killing the sectoid commander works, and sectoid commander will appear when u assualt the base most probably
      1. core10117
        He got to that part in 14(?) and he did kill the commander, releasing his soldier from his control, don't know what happened.
        Oct 28, 2012
    17. bender
      i say jolly good show.i bought a few new games this month because of your mod reviews.
    18. Sticks
      Hey Stalin, I heard you were missing a cat IRL. I think I found him, if the cat in my profile is yours, please message me right away.
    19. KOrlowski
      Great Comrade Stalin! I love the site, but I like the convinience of watching videos on my iPod. Unfortunately, I can not access the site from Safari and all I have are old YouTube videos. This gave me an Idea! You should create your own App on the App store and bring this great site to people who mindlessly buy Apple devices (no offense to the mindless buyers of Apple devices is intended).
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    Nov 19, 1989 (Age: 27)
    B.C. Canada
    Evil Emperor of Let's Playing
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