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    Hello guys, fucking faggot here and welcome to the brand new site. Things as you can see are different so feel free to look around. The import was successful as far as I can tell.

    If you already have an account you will need to recover your password, this can be done by clicking the link below.

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    If you have any other problems or spot any bugs then please do not email instead leave a post in the "Website Maintenance" section on the forums. I only expect emails to do with recovering accounts.

    Hope you all enjoy the new website, but please note that nothing you see is the final article, the site is rather barebones while all the content and design changes are added. Please be patient and don't forget that the maintenance section is always open for suggestions.

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Discussion in 'The Blog' started by Unillogical, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Big Dick Willie
    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say thanks for coming to view and use these pictures. Again, these are some of my favorite pornographic images that I felt like posting due to the website closing down soon. If the website does not close, at least we can look back at this and see my pornographic tastes and interests. Also, if I do get banned for whatever reason, I would like to say that the pictures I posted here were worth it to see how much people would see my stuff and if this site is still active. Oh, one last thing...
    I hope that's how you felt after viewing my pictures by having a GIGANTIC ERECTION OR A MASSIVE EXPLOSION EJACULATION!!!!! (By the way, that's me with my BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG anti-tank gun, like my Big DICK!) Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
  2. Big Dick Willie
    Hi Spencer, if you ever see this, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say that I hoped that you checked out my awesome renovations to this thread. As a HAPPY birthday present, here are some Indian, Russian, and Native American porn images based on your current and previous relationships. The reason for this is your wife is Indian, Jasmine, your girlfriend who FUCKED you over on your life choices and this thread, Kobashenka, and a previous relationship of a Native American girlfriend in your older videos, Dianna Morgan. HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM!!! Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
  3. Big Dick Willie
    Indian porn - Seriously Spencer, what did you see in Jasmine that you wanted to marry her. I mean she looks like a nice person, but other than that there was no point to that marriage. You FUCKED UP your FAMLIY NAME of the Downings by marrying an Indian chick. (whose also sikhi for some reason? and your still atheist, right?). Not to be rude, (but I am already) she is not that hot when my BIGGGG DICK looks at her, so here is some Indian women you should have married if that's what your dick wanted.
    [IMG](Bet you want her to suck your dick like that right?)
    [IMG](Wish you had that good amount of butt fucking with her. You mentioned you were screwing her in her asshole in your Fallout 4 videos(disgusting by the way))
  4. Big Dick Willie
    Russian porn - Obviously, Koba was blonde, Russian, and a Jew.... wait WHAT? Seriously Spencer you dated a Jew (no offense to other Jews) when your an atheist? And not to mention she was a complete psycho too? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? AND she fucked up this whole thread and other people's lives (Ex: Alex Tran getting unfair treatment). UGHH, MY DICK CAN'T HANDLE THE UGLINESS!!! These are some better Russian chicks who are WAYYYY HOTTER than that MEGA JEW BITCH (no offense again to Jews).
    [IMG](That's really hot and I just think that guy looks like Putin a bit. Huh, imagine that, Koba getting FUCKED by Putin, LOL!)
  5. Big Dick Willie
    Native American porn - One of your first girlfriends that I witnessed during your beginning. It's really a shame you broke up with her because I thought you were a great couple. I also know you fucked with her time to time during your college years. This really makes me question on why you broke up with her in the first place. Anyways, to commemorate Dianna as one of your first successful relationships, here are some SEXY Native American porn.
    [IMG](Not to be racist, but she is pretty hot and she DOES represent a Native American woman)

    [IMG](Is this the part we unfortunately never got to see with Dianna in your room? Link is your SUPER EPIC AMAZING KICK ASS video that you probably forgot after all these years after FUCKING with Dianna.)
  6. Big Dick Willie

    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say a massive apology for posting the Tracer Overwatch porn. It was brought to my attention on December 20th that Tracer was confirmed to be 100% faggot in the Overwatch comic, "Revelations". That is not right. The porn that I post should ONLY be STRAIGHT and SEXY. This and the other image of Tracer are now wrong as it conflicts with Tracer's RETARTED and WRONG sexuality.
  7. Big Dick Willie
    Here is the other picture that shows Tracer's WRONG sexuality. I truly think being a faggot is WRONG because it goes against attraction of opposite sexes and procreation, which is the reason of life. Recently in video games, TV shows, or any media, gay characters are needed to "HAVE" a diverse mix in sexuality. Well, you know what? My forgotten opinion on this matter is, "THIS NEEDS TO FUCKING STOP!" I DO NOT WANT TWO WOMEN OR TWO MEN PLOWING EACH OTHER. ITS DISGUISTING TO EVEN THINK OF THAT! I could go on about this, but hey, today is Christmas so let me end my rant about Tracer and put some REAL and AWESOME STARIGHT CHRISTMAS PORN for you guys and for myself after seeing this gay shit.
  8. Big Dick Willie
    (What a better way to end it with Santa!)
  9. Big Dick Willie
    Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas as I dress up as Jesus Fucking Christ for Christmas! As you can clearly see, my BIG DICK approves all the images I just posted as they were defiantly Xtremly HOT!!! Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
  10. Big Dick Willie
    Christmas porn update - Here is the missing picture just in case some of you were curious.
  11. Big Dick Willie
    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say HAPPY FUCKING VALENTINE'S DAY! I personally had a great fucking day today as I had AMAZING SEX with my girlfriend throughout the whole day. If your still single and need some comfort today, here is some FUCKING AWESOME VALENTINE'S DAY PORN! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!
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  13. Big Dick Willie
    [IMG]Again, here is my FUCKING SEXY girlfriend before we had SEX today. The guy behind me is my co-worker who helps me take pictures of my job. He decided to take a picture with us as I asked someone else to take a picture of all us. Anyways, I hope you had an ecstatic Valentine's Day with your lover today or at least enjoyed my HOT porn pictures if you are single. Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
  14. Big Dick Willie
  15. Big Dick Willie
    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say HAPPY FUCKING ST. PATRICK'S DAY! I had a lot of beer and SEX throughout the whole day with my HOT GIRLFRIEND! Hopefully, you were FORTUNATE to get laid today (you know, because it is St. Patrick's Day). If not, you are definitely in LUCK today as I will post some FUCKING AWESOME ST. PATRICK'S DAY PORN! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!
  16. Big Dick Willie
    St. Patrick's day porn - If you are viewing these sexy pictures, then you are guaranteed AWSOME SEX like these LUCKY people.

  17. Big Dick Willie
    [IMG]I am using this quote because this fucking website gave me trouble when posting my porn. A fucking 20 image limit? Go fuck yourself. Anyways, I'm just saying to always use back up strategies when the first option failed. I hope you guys enjoyed these porn images as much as I did or better yet had a lucky sexual moment with someone.
    Also, here is an image from the bar I went to today.[IMG]That's right, I drank all four of those Das Boots with beer and STILL drove home safely to have SENSTATIONAL SEX with my girlfriend.
    Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
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