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    Hello guys, fucking faggot here and welcome to the brand new site. Things as you can see are different so feel free to look around. The import was successful as far as I can tell.

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Discussion in 'The Blog' started by Unillogical, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Big Dick Willie
    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here, and I just wanted to say HAPPY FUCKING EASTER! First, I have to address the two fucking posts above me. What the fuck is this? An insult to my giant DICK being to small? Well fuck you! MY DICK IS 100% NATURAL! IT DOES NOT NEED ANY FUCKING DRUGS BECAUSE MY DICK IS ALWAYS LONG AND HARD! MY GIRLFRIEND ALWAYS GETS PLEASURE FROM MY DICK AND SHE ALLWAYS TELLS ME SHE ENJOYS IT! SEX WITH MY GIRLFRIEND CAN LAST UP TO AN HOUR OR MORE WHEN WE ARE BOTH HORNY! Anyways, my day was awesome as my girlfriend and I just hanged out at my place for Easter. My girlfriend also gave me a sweet Easter basket which I will talk about later. When I got the basket, I thought that it would be an awesome idea to post some Easter porn as it would be a basket for everyone to enjoy. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Big Dick Willie
    Easter porn - Here is my basket of sexy porn that I know everyone loves

  3. Big Dick Willie
    Big Dick Willie Easter picture (2).jpg
    For the two FUCKING ADVERTISERS FOR CRITIZING MY MASSIVE SLONG, ARE YOU SAYING THAT MY DICK IS ONLY A FEW INCHES WHEN ERECTED?!?! I drew TWO pictures for each fucknut with subtitles to show that I am talking to BOTH of you. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how my MASSIVE COCK is NOT strong enough to last during my FANTASTIC SEX SESSIONS with my girlfriend. FUCK OFF YOU DAMN ADVERTISERS!!!! (Yes, I actually took the time out of my day to go to my range to talk about this and shoot some guns due to how angry I was)
    Here is my AWESOME Easter basket that my BEAUTIFUL girlfriend got me today. It is a suppressed Glock with a magazine in each egg. Thanks babe, that really made me happy. My "basket" for her was in bed. She loved it of course. (Talking to you, you fucking FAKE advertisers)
    Also, here is a BADASS Easter picture I found. It's not really porn, but its still FUCKING SEXY and HOT! She is also carrying my FAVORITE, UNDISPUTED, AND BEST ASSULT RIFLE OF ALL TIME! I really would not mind seeing her out in the range shooting this beauty in that SEXY costume. Maybe I should let my girlfriend do that. ;) Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.
  4. Big Dick Willie
    Hi guys, Bi-Big Dick Willie here and I just wanted to say HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I just turned 63 years-old today and I am having a GREAT day today! My friends gave me some AWESOME presents which was some new gear and guns. My SEXY girlfriend also bought me a custom cake and I'm pretty sure everyone can guess the present she gave me. For her birthdays, I always give my MASSIVE DICK in a box for her to open and enjoy. With all this thoughts of presents, I thought a present of PORN would be a good birthday gift to anyone.
  5. Big Dick Willie
    Birthday porn - Here is a birthday present as anyone can enjoy porn when they grow up.

  6. Big Dick Willie
    This is a picture of me at work. My "birthday hat" is a German pike helmet from WWI. My girlfriend thought it would be funny and took a picture of me at my desk.
    Can't forget the FUCKING CAKE! My girlfriend bought a custom cake of my favorite gun of all time. IT TASTED SO FUCKING GOOOD!!! It was a chocolate cake with really creamy filling inside the layers. Whenever it is your birthday, don't forget to have a good time like I did for my 63rd birthday. If you didn't receive any birthday presents, always refer back to here because Big Dick Willie always knows what you want, no matter how old you grow up. Thanks everyone who read this post and I will see you guys in the next post.

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