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City-States God of War

We have been betrayed! Epic is trying to expand the LOTF thread! Jul 9, 2012

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Jul 23, 2012
    1. GrecoRomanian
      It won't let me post anymore on the citystate
      1. Imperial1917
        All posting has been halted for the moment.
        Jul 15, 2012
    2. russianguy8745
      Hey imperial, i cant type on the City-States rp, whats the deal?
    3. Imperial1917
      We have been betrayed! Epic is trying to expand the LOTF thread!
      1. Epiccheesegrater
        It's too late, I have wonned as well!
        Jul 9, 2012
    4. Imperial1917
      We need another war in the City-States thread.
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      2. darthdj31
        I shall conjure dark magic with NPC's?
        Jul 9, 2012
      3. Viking Socrates
        Viking Socrates
        Imperial would naturally be the greatest African general of all time, MOMMAR GADDAFI ;)
        Jul 9, 2012
      4. Imperial1917
        Jul 9, 2012
    5. scottap25
      Why don't have an avatar image?
      1. Imperial1917
        I never found one that seemed appropriate for the purpose.
        Jul 8, 2012
      2. scottap25
        Well.. nyeh! you are an outsider! CONFORM!
        Jul 8, 2012
    6. Imperial1917
      Ok, the revised battles are posted. Let the raging begin... again.
    7. Imperial1917
      Ok, the revised battles are posted.
    8. Imperial1917
      Well, this is great. Until russianguy8745 gets on, I can't confirm where his troops were and rewrite the battles.
      1. Thefatkid
        Jul 8, 2012
      2. Imperial1917
        Working on the Scythian battle now. Athens battle is done. I just need to do the Scythian one so I can post them together.
        Jul 8, 2012
    9. Imperial1917
      Everybody left. :( Oh well. I need to submit the final sums tomorrow and they were well aware.. I guess I'll just go with what Sparta says.
    10. Imperial1917
      Ok, the battle results are posted. Let the raging begin.
      1. Viking Socrates
        Viking Socrates
        I'm awaiting the rage.
        Jul 8, 2012
    11. Imperial1917
      Macedon has dissolved! Adopt a soldier today!
    12. Imperial1917
      Macedon has dissolved!
    13. Imperial1917
      Danzig wood! Get it today; put a spear tip on it and stab your way to victory tomorrow! Buy Danzig wood!
    14. Lighthouse
      Sup Niggah? I see you be down with my gangsta's in duh hood and if you vote for Yarpen he promises to cut the war on drugs and get rid of dem modafucking pigs. HE be down with the kids like you. SO make sure to vote 4 yarpen.
      1. Thefatkid likes this.
    15. Imperial1917
      There has been a massive shift in power. This is most troubling.
      1. Surfusa
        You know the day i become mod, the forums will completely collapse on itself
        Jun 28, 2012
    16. Imperial1917
      Mods out in force.
    17. Imperial1917
      Who is the official head of the NKVD branch management?
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      2. Imperial1917
        So official, but unofficial? Oh, and I'll be posting a de facto thread since it will take far too long for me to gather the rest of those playing the game, even though we technically would have enough signatories.
        May 3, 2012
      3. Chives
        Um... I'm officially the NKVD Clan Leader?

        And if you have the co-authors you need, just create the PM, there's no need for a thread.
        May 3, 2012
      4. Imperial1917
        Yeah, but I want them to get back to me first. That and I want to really gauge the response we might get. I'm going to message them and wait on a response before submitting to create an official branch. I already know that the last two villages collapsed.
        May 3, 2012
    18. Imperial1917
      Why you no play Wurm? :( *waits for Kali to bash Wurm*
      1. Ingvar likes this.
    19. Imperial1917
      @ Shisno & UnitRico - I realized how beautiful Skyrim was when I burned down Eldergleam Sanctuary. :)
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    -Romney Wordsworth, Librarian

    In responce to the "No Shave November" thread

    "Well, you know, hindsight is always 20/20"

    "It's the aborted missions that earn you their trust. When you see that it's more dangerous than we anticipated, that it requires attrition to get the objective, then show the men you value their lives more than the objective of the moment. Later, when you have no choice but to commit them to grave risk, they'll know it's because this time it's worth dying. They know that you won't spend them like a child, on candy and trash."

    "Where is the joy? That's what I'm not getting."
    "The grief is the joy. I have someone to grieve for. Whom do you have?"

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