A bit of an ambitious project, but worth thinking about.

Discussion in 'Request Videos' started by TruckThunders, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Comrades, brothers, sisters, and other readers,

    It has been a very glorious age for those who have watched our beloved leader forge vast empires throughout the ages in many taxing and engaging simulators. This age has reached a peak with the incredible website that has been running succesfully for quite a while now.

    As it is with paradigms though, a peak is a peak and room for improvement is getting harder to think of. I firmly believe that our dear leader, his ministers, and ourselves as viewers can add another dimension of thought to this website. We can add another new paradigm to accompany the greatly exploited current model.

    Now that we have a community, verging on a pseudo-society with government, economy, and politics (albeit on a smaller scale I will concede) I put an idea for a new paradigm to you comrades:

    A Stalin community multiplayer let's play.

    In short: take a turn based game such as Civilisation and engage ministers and viewers dedicated to the task to create a whole new brand of let's play. I think it would be wonderful to see a lot of the great minds in our community in action and pitted against eachother in a game of wits, and to hear real discussions take place during gameplay.

    I understand that this idea is an ambitious one (to put it gently) but just like this fantastic community that made a great exodus from the censor gestapo controlled youtube to an empire forged together, I believe we could make this idea work and work well.

    I invite all to contribute thoughts about anything from logistics to the demand for such a let's play. I even invite people who are appalled at this idea to send some literary abuse privately, after all I believe that discussion of all kinds has it's own intrinsic value.

    Hail Stalin and May our community never die,

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    While the idea itself is nice, Stalin tried doing this somewhat with the voice acting in the Phoenix Wright LP, which as far as I can tell was quite a hassle to arrange. The more people you get involved, the more time you spend arranging dates and stuff.

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